Christie Smith


Christie’s earliest memories involve music. She remembers standing by her father with his accordion singing along as he played songs like “Spanish Eyes” and “Winchester Cathedral.” Her father began teaching her basic music theory when she was about five, and he talked her Mother into buying a piano and enrolling her in formal lessons for her seventh birthday. Although she did not pursue a career in the music industry, piano remained an enormous part of her life, and music is still her biggest passion. Christie has been involved in the local theater scene for the last 12 years. She has played keyboard in the orchestra pit and served as music director/conductor for about two dozen productions at various local community and professional theater companies.

Professionally, Christie has a BS in Business/Accounting and 25 years of government accounting and financial management experience, including two years managing the State of Oregon’s accounting system and representing the State as a PERS employer. In her last position before retiring in February 2019, she served as Business Manager for the Child Welfare Division of the Department of Human Services.

In 2012 Christie attended the Pacific Program, an executive leadership training program developed and organized by the Luke Center for Catalytic Leadership. She was so inspired by the mission of this organization that she served on the program committee and presented one of the introductory segments the following year. She then served on the Board of Directors from 2014 through 2016, including appointments first as Board Secretary and then Treasurer.

She is a huge believer in the importance of the arts in our community, and wants to support the mission of the Salem Orchestra in any way she can.